Ternyata Bahasa Jawa Lebih Canggih Dari Bahasa Inggris

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Bhs Jowo kuwi luwih simpel tenimbang bhs Inggris. Iki buktine:

1. Walk slowly on the edge (side) of the road: MLIPIR

2. Falling backward and then hit own head: NGGEBLAK

3. Falling/tripping forward (and may hit own face): KEJLUNGUP

4. Smearing one’s body with hot ointment or liquid and then massaging it:


5. Got hit by a truck that moving backward: KUNDURAN TRUK

6. Hot pyroclastic cloud rolling down a volcano: WEDHUS GEMBEL

7. A small, sharp thing embedded inside one’s skin: KESUSUBEN

8. Things getting out from a container accidentally because of gravity:


9. Get hit by thing collapsing on top of one’s head/body: KEMBRUKAN

10. Drinking straight from the bottle without using glass, where the whole

bottle tip gets into the mouth: NGOKOP

11. Difficult to open eyes because something is shining very bright:


12. Hanging on thightly to something in order to be inert: GONDELAN

13. Being overly active carelessly with eyes opened wide: PECICILAN

14. Releasing ‘wind’ from the body thru a coin drawn across the back

skin’s surface: KEROKAN

15. Finding by accident something good or useful without looking for it:


16. Expression or gesture due to a sudden appearance (of something): MAK


17. Very surprise of an unexpected experience: NJENGGIRAT

18. Water come out from the mouth uncontrollably: NGENCES

19. Doing something nonchalantly with your finger: UTEK-UTEK

20. Doing a lustful ‘raid’ to a lovely lady: NGUWEK-UWEK


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